Who we are

We are a diverse team of experts and researchers committed to making the world of digital assets more accessible to a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts. Our expertise is the result of years of study of cryptocurrency markets and a direct engagement in developing blockchain technologies and applications.

Our goals

Our mission is to promote a more transparent and easier access to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies to a wide audience of beginners and enthusiasts. Our ultimate goal is to create an active and engaged community of experts on cryptos through our learning material, in-depth market analysis and predictions, as well as news commentaries and discussions.

What we offer


In House Expertise

A team of experts and specialists in crypto trading, ready to share knowledge and expertise.


Reliable Information

Reputable, accurate and reliable insights about cryptocurrency, authored by experts and specialists.


Opportunities to Learn

A wide range of training programmes to help investing in Bitcoin and alt coins.

Our role

We want to support a new generation of investors in digital assets through in-depth training, and ultimately create a community of experts. Our role is primarily to provide accurate and timely information and insights on the evolution of digital assets, with the ambition to make it easier to understand the trade-off between risks and rewards in such a fast growing market.

Our values

We pursue our mission by leveraging on three key features:

  • a particular focus on the quality of the information and services provided. This is achieved through a deep interaction with business experts and academic researchers;
  • an independent, objective source of trustworthy information which guarantees unbiased analysis and forecasts for the benefit of the final users;
  • a constant updating of our training material and market commentaries which allows users to understand the latest insights and developments on the world of Bitcoin, stablecoins, DeFi applications and alternative coins.