Celestia Unleashes Lemon Mint Mainnet Beta

Celestia's Mainnet Beta Unveils Revolutionary Scaling Tech Lemon Mint

Oct 31, 2023
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The Celestia Foundation achieves a long-awaited milestone, bringing innovative data availability sampling technology to the blockchain world.

In a significant milestone, Celestia has successfully rolled out its mainnet beta, codenamed Lemon Mint, signaling the birth of a groundbreaking modular network.

This mainnet beta introduces an innovative technology known as Data Availability Sampling (DAS), a revolutionary scaling method that enables blockchain nodes to verify data availability without the need to download the entire dataset for a specific block. The inception of this concept can be traced back to the LazyLedger whitepaper, published four years ago.

Celestia's architecture is meticulously designed to allow its nodes to achieve consensus on transactions across various chains simultaneously, all while executing these transactions off-chain. This segregation involves a clear distinction between the consensus and data availability layers from the execution layer. This unique configuration empowers Celestia to concentrate on establishing an orderly and systematic approach to data storage, while entrusting the execution of transactions to individual chains.

"What was once a seemingly audacious vision has now become a reality, four years after the publication of the LazyLedger whitepaper," said Ekram Ahmed, the spokesperson of the Celestia Foundation. "Celestia stands out as the pioneer in modular blockchain networks, offering secure scalability that adapts effortlessly to the growing number of users, making it convenient for anyone to establish their very own blockchain."

Although initially in an experimental phase, Celestia's mainnet beta opens the door for rollups and other modular chains to leverage its platform for data availability and consensus, promising a future where scalability issues are significantly alleviated.

Following the launch of the mainnet, Celestia's native token TIA will be available for trading on leading centralized exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, and KuCoin. Additionally, the decentralized exchange Osmosis has revealed its intentions to list the token on its platform, opening up new avenues for trading.

The Celestia-centered ecosystem is rapidly taking shape. MilkyWay, a liquid staking protocol on Osmosis, has declared its support for Celestia and is preparing to introduce a liquid staking derivative token (stTIA) on the Osmosis blockchain. Furthermore, Arbitrum has seamlessly integrated Celestia into its Orbit and Nitro tech stacks, while the Cosmos-based smart contract platform Neutron has launched Nexus, with the primary goal of facilitating the deployment of rollups on the Celestia network. This marks a momentous step forward in the evolution of blockchain technology and scalability.

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