Dominica Selects TRON To Issue The Country's Official Coin

Dominica Selects TRON as its National Blockchain to Issue the Country's Official Coin

Oct 12, 2022
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The Eastern Caribbean country will launch a national blockchain-based fan token, while TRON will develop its national blockchain infrastructure.

TRON blockchain announced an exclusive partnership with the Commonwealth of Dominica to develop and issue the Dominica Coin (DMC), a blockchain-based fan token intended to “raise awareness of Dominica’s natural heritage as well as to help promote its tourist attractions on a worldwide scale.”

According to a news statement, the DMC – developed after the country enacted the Virtual Asset Business Act in Parliament earlier this year – will help Dominica fund “strong infrastructure, a more diversified agricultural footprint, and innovative developments to welcome entrepreneurial imagination.”

This is a historic step for Dominica in its drive to enhance economic growth by embracing digital innovation and appointing TRON Protocol as its designated national blockchain infrastructure,” said Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit. “The open and cost-effective nature of the TRON blockchain infrastructure will play a vital role to better integrate Small Island Developing States like Dominica into the global economy in the future,” he affirmed.

Championing Dominica’s vision for their future was an exciting commitment for TRON to make,” the company stated. “This is the first time a major public blockchain is partnering with a sovereign nation to develop its national blockchain infrastructure. As one of the major public blockchains with more than 115 million users and 4 billion transactions, TRON’s partnership with Dominica enables a number of usage scenarios and provides a strong foundation for future success.”

TRON founder H.E. Justin Sun, also Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization, is advancing the development of e-commerce and blockchain technology in the Caribbean regions, in hopes of boosting their engagement in the broader global economy.

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