Mastercard launches NFT Customizable Card

Mastercard launches world’s first NFT Customizable Card with crypto & fiat financial app hi

Sep 28, 2022
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Cardholders could customize their card with an CryptoPunks, Moonbirds, Goblins, Bored Apes or Azukis NFT avatar they own.

Credit card giant Mastercard partnered with the crypto & fiat financial app hi to launch the world’s first debit card featuring NFT avatar customization.

Powered by Mastercard, the hi Debit Card will be available in six variants with a range of benefits, depending on membership tier at hi. Eligible cardholders will be able to personalize the face of their card with an NFT avatar they verifiably own and spend fiat, stablecoins and other cryptos at more than 90 million locations worldwide where Mastercard is accepted. NFT avatar customization will support a limited range of NFT collections including CryptoPunks, Moonbirds, Goblins, Bored Apes and Azukis.

Not only do the NFT cards look amazing, this is a great way for people to show which online community they belong to, but in the real world,” said Sean Rach, Co-founder of hi. “The flexibility to spend fiat, stablecoins or other crypto, combined with attractive financial and lifestyle rewards, makes us confident that our card is a game-changer in the market.”

As consumer interest in crypto and NFTs continues to grow, we are committed to making them an accessible payments choice for the communities who wish to use the,” said Christian Rau, Senior Vice President, Crypto and Fintech Enablement at Mastercard.

The card will initially be available to hi members in 25+ EEA countries as well as the UK.

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