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Ripple's $11.3 Billion Valuation Emerges from $285 Million Share Buyback

Ripple's $285 Million Share Buyback Signals Confidence in 2024 Prospects

Jan 12, 2024
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The blockchain payments giant opts for share repurchase, eschewing IPO complexities and showcasing optimism amid legal challenges.

In a significant shift in its corporate strategy, blockchain payments startup Ripple has unveiled plans for a substantial share buyback totaling $285 million. This move serves as an exit route for early investors, sidestepping the traditional path of an initial public offering (IPO). Reuters reports that the resultant share purchase values Ripple at an impressive $11.3 billion.

According to undisclosed sources cited by Reuters in a Jan. 10 report, the San Francisco-based company is gearing up to repurchase shares from early investors and employees. The buyback, totaling $500 million, includes taxes and the conversion of restricted stock units to common shares. Notably, investors will be restricted to selling a maximum of 6% of their stake, a strategic measure to maintain a balanced shareholder framework.

The buyback and the resulting valuation underscore Ripple's bullish outlook for 2024. Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, emphasized that the primary focus is on providing liquidity for investors, ruling out any immediate plans for a U.S. IPO due to the regulatory uncertainties in the country. This strategic move allows investors to cash out without navigating the complexities associated with an IPO.

This isn't Ripple's first venture into share buybacks. In January 2022, the company announced the repurchase of shares from investors who had funded its $200 million Series C round in December 2019.

Garlinghouse highlighted Ripple's robust financial position, citing over $25 billion in crypto assets, primarily in XRP, and a cash reserve exceeding $1 billion. Despite ongoing legal challenges with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ripple has demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth. Notably, the company recently acquired the Switzerland-based crypto custody startup Metaco for $250 million.

Growing in the headwinds of the SEC lawsuit was certainly a challenge, but 95% of our customers are non-U.S. financial institutions,” Garlinghouse noted in an interview with Reuters, addressing the hurdles posed by the SEC lawsuit.

As of now, Ripple's native cryptocurrency, XRP, is trading at around 60 cents and holds the sixth position among the most valuable cryptocurrencies overall.

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