Warner Media CEO Says Hollywood Has a Future in Blockchain

Warner Media CEO Says Hollywood Has a Future in Blockchain

Apr 08, 2022
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The outgoing CEO sees the innovative technology innovating the entertainment industry in the future.

The outgoing CEO of Warner Media, Jason Kilar, has recently stated that the future of Hollywood is linked to blockchain, a technology that he believes may soon transform the face of the entertainment industry. This is especially true nowadays when, according to Kilar, we are in an era when the process of buying and trading digital collectibles is becoming easier and easier.

“I think there’s going to be a potential wave that’s going  to be coming to Hollywood, in the same way that the DVD wave to Hollywood in the 90s,” Kilar explained in an interview with Business Insider when asked about his thoughts on the rise of NFT and blockchain technology. This interview in which Kilar stated that Web3 caught his eye comes just weeks after former Disney chief BobIger revealed his own interest in the Metaverse.

Kilar also told the Insider that these new technologies are opening up other ways of financing the creation of stories, insisting that “There’s a very big physical collectibles business, some people estimate it to be half a trillion dollars, and I happen to think the blockchain enables a very compelling digital collectibles experience.” While the outgoing CEO repeatedly explained his interest for the novel technology, he however declined to discuss his next pursuit with regards to it.

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