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Bitcoin Surges +150% in 2023, Becoming Top-Performing Asset Class

The Year of Bitcoin: 2023's +150% Remarkable Rally and Prospects Ahead

Dec 13, 2023
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BTC experienced a rollercoaster of fluctuations while reaching a peak of $44,386 in December, propelled by potential ETF approval.

Bitcoin (BTC) increased by nearly +150% in 2023, ending a dynamic year on a hopeful note with promising prospects ahead.

As we approach the end of 2023, the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) asset kicked off the year on a high note. Starting 2023 at $16,604, it surged by +37.56% in January alone, rising from a modest $16,604 on December 31, 2022, to a robust $22,840 by January 31, 2023. Despite minor fluctuations, Bitcoin maintained an upward trend throughout the year, peaking at $44,386 in December, influenced by the potential approval of the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). As of December 13, it was trading at $41,138 but retained the bullish momentum.

Throughout the year, Bitcoin's trajectory remained relatively upward, witnessing a modest gain of 1.65% in February. However, the most significant surge arrived toward the end of March, as it skyrocketed by nearly 41% from $20,195 on March 11 to $28,460 on March 24, becoming the top-performing asset class in Q1 2023, as reported by Finbold.

In April, Bitcoin crossed another major milestone, breaching the $30,000 mark. It maintained this level for a week before retreating to the $25,000 - $29,000 range, where it stayed until its next substantial surge in late June and early July. This surge was followed by a decline to around $26,000.

However, Bitcoin’s journey from $16,000 to $44,000 was influenced by the positive news of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) potentially approving the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This news propelled the premier cryptocurrency to its yearly high of $44,386 on December 8, marking an increase of over 70%.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin trades at $41,138, indicating a 7.32% decline from the recent high, a 1.96% drop for the day, and a 6.14% decrease over the week ending December 13. Despite this, Bitcoin has maintained a bullish trend, surpassing the crucial psychological level of $40,000.

In conclusion, Bitcoin concludes 2023 on an optimistic yet cautious note, having surged by nearly 150% since the year's inception. The anticipation of the forthcoming spot Bitcoin ETF and the community's preparation for the next halving event hints at more positive developments on the horizon.

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